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Interviews, Cultural festivals

My name is Zhenya Gaytandjieva. I am an event organizer and a PR of Kameno Municipality. There I am also responsible for the organization of the cultural events throughout the year.

During the past 3-4 years the organization of various festivals on the territory of Burgas has become not only my work but my passion as well. I started 4 years ago with a fashion festival. Upcoming next is BURGAS CREATES - an exclusive event, which will be held on 11 - 12. 05. The venue is: Flora Burgas.  All my events are closely related to art, to artists. This Is because I think there are many artists here in Burgas, and in Bulgaria as well, who need to be given the chance to show their skills on stage.

It's mostly aimed at the young people who we want to get out of the computer clubs, to make them put their mobile phones away and really have fun. The festival will be held together with the Museum of History in Burgas.

Presented will be several different children's games, even games from our childhood such as: Kutsanka, Dodgeball, Elastic game. These were the games we played and had fun with when we were children and when there was no Internet yet. We will also have an open-air pavilion together with Cyril and Methodius secondary school, a variety of creative workshops aimed at different types of art. The students from Frene school will present mathematics and architecture in a more accessible and interesting for the pupils way.

We will have body art classes, an evening of literature. We believe that in this way we will arise interest in different types of artists who will be interested in what we are doing and want to join in. During these two days we will also have a Handmade market where people from all over the country will present their products - unique creations such as jewellery and various inspirations of theirs.

Year of foundation




Size of event

BURGAS CREATES will be held for the first time here in Burgas. This really is a pilot project that I hope will become an annual one. Its purpose is to bring together different types of artists, to present different kinds of arts.

Pitfalls and challenges

Among the difficult things concerning the organization of events are the idea itself, the concept, the scenario, but the toughest is: How to attract people. My long experience as a journalist and the knowledge I gained while studying Marketing and Advertising will help me develop the best concept to attract visitors and make this event really successful.

After all, each artist is looking for their audience to present their art.

Opportunities and plans for the future

My ambition is to make the festival an annual event because we really expect a large number of visitors. Together with the Municipality of Burgas, we are thinking of making a large-scale advertising platform where we can attract other citizens and guests of our city.