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The celebration of Celestinian Forgiveness

Cultural festivals

The Celestinian forgiveness celebration was inspired by Pope Celestine V, who issued a historical ‘Bull’ as an act of partnership among local populations. Taking place in the city and province of L’Aquila, the tradition comprises a set of rituals and celebrations transmitted uninterruptedly since 1294. The practice conveys a sense of continuity and cultural identity for the whole community. The ‘Forgiveness Walk’ opens with the lighting of the ‘Fire of Morrone’ and its descent, accompanied by a candlelight procession. The procession proceeds along a traditional itinerary marked by the lighting of tripods in each of the twenty-three villages involved, where the mayor signs a parchment recalling the Bull’s symbolic values.

Year of foundation




Size of event

Hundreds of thousands of visitors and event participants

More than 200 operators and artists involved

More than 50 micro events

Duration: from 16ndAugust to 1stSeptember

Supports to set up your event

Organization: Comitato Perdonanza Celestiniana (Celestinian Forgiveness Committee)
The Celestinian Forgiveness Committee is the body responsible for setting up and managing the program of the Celestinian event. The members are appointed by the Mayor. The Committee operates without charges on the municipal administration.

Pitfalls and challenges

Threats: the weather issue (most of the most important events are organized outdoors) even if in the summer the rains are not frequent and in any case hardly prevent the initiatives from taking place.
Challenges: the involvement of the new generations.

Opportunities and plans for the future

Diversify the proposed cultural events while remaining adherent to history and tradition