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LongLake Festival LLF Lugano

During the month of July, the long lake of Lugano becomes the setting for events, shows and festivals of various kinds and for the most part free of charge. Every day there are from 6 to 8 different offers.



Supports to set up your event

The festival is organized by the Divison of events and congresses of the city of Lugano and has some sponsors. For the organization and management of the events of is availed of the collaboration of SOTELL (non-profit association.).

Pitfalls and challenges

It is an open-air festival, but since it can count on the structures and centres of the city of Lugano, for each event an alternative place has been thought of in case of bad weather.

The management of communication becomes central in case of changes to the initial plan, are of great support the social media

Opportunities and plans for the future

It is important to collect feedback from participants in order to try to do better and better. It is important to find out which interesting guests are to be invited.